The Problem of Using the Late Ninoy for Nobita's and Bum's Selfish Wishes

One of the worst problems today of the Philippines is that Failipinos are in the first place, probably the ones responsible for the continuing political dynasties.  Okay I don't know why some people argue Ninoy was no hero but here are some things (at least) I have learned about him.  He fought against the Macoy-controlled media, sought to decrease presidential powers (which now President Nobita is seeking to reverse that) and you might as well think.  In fact, one must think that the late Ninoy was concerned about restoring democracy though his wife poorly handled the country by not removing the oligarchy system Macoy left behind.  But one thing was certain, Ninoy was certainly an opponent of the Macoy's power abuses.  Plus, it was aimed that the presidential powers should be limited especially 20 years of Macoy dictatorship left the Philippines severely crippled and the effects are still here today.

One thing is certain, Nobita was a pretty much of a reverse of his father.  Why Failipinos voted for him because of his late father Ninoy and his late mother Cory was nothing more than a sympathy vote.  Ninoy was a competent Senator, Nobita was not.  Nobita's administration was nothing more than hiding all his faults under the tatami mat, blaming Gloria and him sleeping... and that's what he is doing with DAP and PDAF... all of it are nothing more than hidden agendas under his tatami mat.

If the fictional Nobita has a penchant for sleeping on the job, President Nobita is just doing the same.  For President Nobita, it's always, "Ang sarap maginging pangulo..." or "It feels good to be the President." while he sleeps.  Voters voted for him maybe out of sympathy because his late mother Cory just died shortly or because of the name Benigno is President Nobita's real name.

Now we have Bum Aquino who campaigns with the face of his paternal uncle Ninoy who he has NEVER MET for his campaign, he puts his Tita Cory there and one of course, brain dead much older cousin Nobita (Bum is 37, Nobita is 54 making them 17 years apart) as his campaign.  He has the name but he is NOT Ninoy.  And for one, Bum is a total idiot if he thinks data caps will help competency just like President Nobita's DAP, PDAF, etc. isn't helping the nation either.

Knowing the Failipino also likes free riding, one should never be surprised at the voting for President Nobita who is just a free rider to his parents.  While I don't like Cory but at least the Philippines still was stable back in Cory to Ramos.  It was Erap and now Nobita who both wrecked the economy yet again... remember a son is not the identical of his father.  Vote based on competency, not genetics!