Understanding the Failipino's Arrogance and the Philippines' Decline

The Failipino arrogance is one good reason why the Philippines won't move forward.  There is always the immutable truth that before greatness must come humility, before greatness comes a humble start.  But the Failipino's ego is inflated with arrogance.  It's always known with their label of "Pinoy Pride" which is"Proud to be Pinoy" for the wrong reasons, even when it's not worth getting proud about.

Now let us talk about four signs worth looking out for the Failipino's arrogance.   This will at least help understand the Failipino culture and why the country is in decline:

"I don't need your advice, I know everything..." is probably what rings in his head.

1.) Failipinos think that they know everything

One of the reasons why the Failipino is arrogant is with their "stuck up, know it all" attitude.  It's one of the reasons why they don't accept any form of constructive criticism.  While destructive criticism should be shunned, constructive criticism shouldn't be shunned.  It's the usual problem... they are covering one's ears PURPOSELY to what others have to say, because they think they know everything. They think they are already very smart.  One may want to even think how the DepEd textbooks are so full of errors that a competent teacher gets fired when she points out factual errors, because of their ego.

The picture of Failipinos believe I know everything, the latest picture for it IMO is Atty. Viraliano Aguirre.  From walking out during the Vizconde Massacre trial, his latest attitude problem had to be during the Corona Impeachment Trial.  When Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago berated the whole prosecution panel for their incompetence, he just chose to defy her by covering her ears and even said it's not right for a judge to lecture a lawyer.  For the Failipino, that was ant of heroism.  But the reality is, when Atty. Aguirre chose to defy Senator Miriam like that, he showed that he was already acting like a know-it-all.  After all his grades were always high right?  After all his bar rating is 85.25% over Miriam's 78% right?  And he still says he is the victim?  While I believe he deserved to be admonished and not detained for his rather minor misconduct but... he should stop playing the victim card mentality.

With the stuck up, know it all personality it goes from the family sector to business sector to the political arena.  We have parents who think only they are right.  We have children who refuse to listen to parental advice.  We have employees who shun their boss' corrections when they are wrong.  We have bosses who shun their employees' corrections when they are wrong.  The political arena refuses to believe that they are already in the wrong.  Just think about it, the legacy of the Philippines' politicians being stuck up so-called know-it-alls has continued the Aliens vs. Predators legacy... regardless who wins, we lose in that kind of environment!

Rather than seek jobs, they consider a lot of possible jobs as "nakakahiya" or shameful in English... and choose to waste their time!

2.) Failipinos believe that they are above hard work

Another reason why the Failipino is arrogant is because they believe they are above hard work.  For them, it's all about "sineswerte" and just being lucky. They talk big but never do anything at all.  Worse, when they talk big it's always about the impossible like building a house made of rubber in the middle of the ocean.  For them, they are above hard work.  One may want to observe the problem of the poorer Failipinos.  For them, working in the labor industry such as being a sales clerk, laborer, painter, construction worker and domestic helper are "nakakahiya" or "shameful".  They would want glamorous jobs but many of them don't even take their academics seriously.  Looking at that Hong Kong textbook incident, the butthurt incident proved just how Failipinos are really believing they are above hard work.

It reminded me why the late Flor Contemplacion's family fell apart.  After being rightly executed in Singapore, the legacy left behind was a bad one.  The three sons the late Sandrex together with his brothers, the twins Joel and Jun Jun dropped out of College rather than work and enter College.  Russel's estranged husband would not do any work because it's "shameful" for him and chooses to squander the money Russel owns.  For them, they would rather have a good time and be a parasite rather than do work they think degrades them.  Other incidents involve why those Failipino drug mules entered into the drug industry in the first place.  After all, being a maid is a degrading job right?  So why not become a drug mule, earn easy money, buy expensive stuff and never mind that the death row might be waiting for them in other countries.

Some of them may pass through College but expect to get promoted immediately whether or not hteir grades were high or low.  It was absolutely stupid how I knew somebody even wished he would immediately become a manager when he is NOT EVEN FAMILIAR with the workplace.  He would not work because no job would offer him a high job immediately.  Such people want the easy way out.  Besides, if he became a manager, can he even do the work right if he doesn't even know how it starts?  In the hotel industry, most of the time the College graduate starts with the front desk FIRST.  The front desk gets the employee familiar with how the whole goes. For Failipinos, they want instant promotions... but the only way to get a satisfying promotion is to start at the bottom.

Mo Twister is a picture of someone who thinks he is better than others

3.) Failipinos think that they are better than others

Ever noticed Failipinos who keep writing stuff like, "Pinoys are the greatest race in the world?" whenever a Filipino hits big abroad?  While the term Pinoy may be used positively (which from this point, I would use the term Failipino to describe the bad citizen of the Philippines), but one has to realize that the term FAILipino is always a degrading term like the term Murican.  And so what is their basis of believing that the Pinoy is the greatest race in the world?

I would admit there are Filipinos who succeed abroad like Leodro Locsin, Lea Salonga-Chien, Cecil Licad, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Lydia de Vega and that Michael Christian Martinez won the hearts of millions.  But let me remind the Failipinos that these people don't make the whole Philippines great.  It has already become a tradition of the Failipino to leech on the achievement of Filipino achievers.  They free-ride on his achievement never mind not all Filipino architects are as great as Leondro Locsin, not all Filipino athletes will be Lydia de Vega, not all skaters will be as graceful as Michael Christian Martinez, etc.

It's a sad fact but Failipinos think they are better than others while they are probably just riding on hte success of the Filipino achiever.  For them, I'm Pinoy and I am the greatest.  This mentality has caused several butthurts.  Whenever a Filipino loses in an international competition, they shout and cry, "RACIST!"against the judges.  Whenever a Filipino wins, they say, "We are the greatest!  Pinoys are the greatest!"  It's really very, VERY BAD double standard if you ask me.  Others must recognize them but they refuse to recognize others.

The Nobita presidency doesn't believe in accountability, all President Nobita does is blame Gloria for all his actions and hide every bad report under the tatami mat of the Malacanang Palace...

4.) Failipinos think that they are not accountable for their actions

Sad to say but accountability is a very hard thing to do.  Even I myself experience it that rather than take the blame for any wrong I do, I use a convenient scapegoat particularly somebody who I hate to "take the blame".  In the workplace, the Failipino is quick to point fingers whenever they are caught red-handed.  They can easily blame temptation done by others, never mind they had the option to resist that temptation.  What is worse is that the scapegoat mentality chooses to block out any room for improvement because the person always has someone to blame for his mistakes.  One may also observe this behavior every time a Failipino is about to be sentenced for crimes he or she did, choosing to blame the boss but leaving the former as an "innocent victim".

A good example is how the Nobita Presidency is carrying out its job.  They hide every bad report under the rug of the Malacanang Palace.  President Nobita blames Gloria for everything that goes wrong in his administration.  The President himself showed his lack of accountability when he treated the whole Rolando Mendoza incident like it was nothing never mind that the survivors were traumatized and at least eight died.  By snickering while apologizing, it showed President Nobita refused to be accountable.  He was the President, he had that chance to intervene or take action but he was probably just playing his PSP then.  The Philippine political arena is nothing more than the blame game left and right.

Unless accountability happens, the Philippines can never improve.  After all, in learning something we need to be told why we are wrong.  Not all nutritious food is sweet.  True okra and ampalaya taste bitter but it's good for one's body.  Constructive criticism is not pleasant to hear at first but getting used to it helps in the long run.  Work can get tiresome at first but one can learn to enjoy one's work eventually.  The Failipino only wants to be in an eternal state of bliss which unfortunately destroys accountability, which can be compared to eating food just because it tastes sweet, never mind too much sweets can destroy one's health.