Who is the Failipino and Who is the Filipino?

Some people are thinking that the term Failipino is degrading all the citizens of the Philippines.  However I would like to clarify the huge difference between the FAILIPINO and the Filipino.  So let's get started shall we?  This is to clarify that if there are Muricans (bad Americans) and true Americans, if there are Sporeans (bad Singaporeans) and Singaporeans, if there are Chinkese (bad Chinese) and Chinese... there is also the Failipino and the Filipino:

It's time to define the Failipino first, before we define the Filipino.  The Failipino is one who is Filipino (by blood) and is the Filipino version of the Ku Klux Klanners or Nazis.  Such a person believes that only those who are Filipino by blood (never mind that the Filipino race descended from Malays, Indonesians, Spanish and in some areas, EVEN CHINESE) are the greatest.  He or she is not willing to change the bad stuff which he thinks make him "nationalistic" (at least in their own school of thought). To them, they must stand by their fellow Pinoys (which I think is better off again better used as a neutral term) which their Kapatid (sibling), Kamag-anak (relatives) and Kabayan (fellow countrymen) no matter what. They are lazy, arrogant, purposely ignorant, they love to think they are always right, they are so stupid but think they are the smartest people around (while free riding on the success of Filipinos using it as a gloating card), apathetic and self-centered.  For them, it's all about their Pinoy pride.  For them, nothing is wrong with the culture and they love being FLIPFAG or Failipinos Loving Ignorance/Incompetence Purposely For All Generations.  In short the Failipino is one who is the bad citizen of the Philippines.

Meanwhile the good Filipino is the different person from the Failipino.  He or she is the true patriot or really loves his or her country.  For the Filipino, they have awakened from stupidity and chosen to be wise even if it means swallowing one's Failipino pride for Filipino humility.  Such a person cares about his or her country enough to criticize what's wrong with the culture, what's wrong with the government, what must be done to solve the country's situation, he or she cares about uplifting the situation and changing it for the better.  He or she observes the wrongs of the country and questions it, even if it means being laughed at. The Filipino tries to think more rationally than being the emotionally driven one as he or she refuses to free ride on the achievements of successful Filipinos.  He or she may not be Filipino by blood, he or she may be Chinese by blood, but his or her heart is dedicated to improving the country, changing the negative stereotypes of the Philippines and to show the world that the Philippines is not a hopeless country.  In short the Filipino is the good citizen of the Philippines.