Why It's Very Hard for Enlightened Filipinos to Support Most Philippine-Made Products and Services?

There is always the campaign of the likes of Toady Casino to "Buy Pinoy, support the local industries." and the Pinoy pridist is all about their, "Loving our own products only."  For the enlightened Filipino who is neither a xenophobic, an ethnocentric or a colonial-minded person, he rejects whatever garbage is offered to him where it comes from.  Sad to say but more products in the Philippines are sooooooo sub-standard it becomes almost impossible for the nation to exceed its exports from its imports.

Poor manufacturing standards.  Pardon the whole Peter Griffin picture there but sad to say, that is also a problem in the Philippines aside from other countries worse than it is.  Filipino products are worth exporting but sad to say, the Philippines ends up producing more Failipino products which won't allow export to exceed import.  Marikina Shoes, some dried mango producers, some Filipino native products are worth exporting for their good quality.  Problem is, how many percent of the Philippines has quality manufacturing standards?  I guess they must be using the Peter Griffin model for all we know!

It's obviously impractical to eat in a dirty Pinoy carenderia just because the Pinoy pridist is the countryman of the Filipino and a citizen of the Philippines.  Any enlightened Filipino would rather eat at McDolands than in any dirty carenderia of his countryman.  Eating at these places would get one sick... which is indeed stupidity.

Like it or not, the days of quality Filipino music are done and there's only more of Obviously Pathetic Music.  It does NOT even deserve its title as OPM or Original Pinoy Music.  How can it be original in the first place if all they do is just copy Western tunes?  Then again, there's nothing wrong with doing that but the quality of OPM is a disgrace to the Philippines.  It tends to ride on the success of Quality Filipino Music like Lea Salonga-Chien and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. Sad to say Ogie is deceived by the likes of Toady's "support" which I believe Toady only wants to turn the Philippines into a hermetic country.  I believe some people who lined up for the One Direction ticket may actually be disliking or even hating the quality of Failipino music.  Unless the Philippines can really produce quality music, how can it be part of the circulation of talents around the world?

The same trash on TV and the Imperial Manila Film Festival.  Looking at the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto's Inferno event, it was one crowded event to the point I was actually glad that I wasn't able to go even if I had the money to buy a last minute ticket!  Hehehehehe!  Moving on, I just love to use Kris Aquino to portray the garbage of the Imperial Manila Film Festival.  Gone are the days of good films like Madrasta (which made it abroad), the days of quality film making... today we get more Failipino movies than Filipino movies.  Okay movies like Praybet Benjamin are still good for laughs.  However we might be only getting more garbage, biased films from the Plor Kontemplasyon Story to anything that Krisis Aquino has to offer.  In fact, most of them are probably just as bad as Murican films or worse.  After all, don't most Failipino producers just love Murica?  On the other hand, the Pinoy producer loves his own mediocrity and hates improvement.  Besides, take a look at how crappy MOST Pinoyseryes are and all the overextension, overacting and so on that makes it SO BAD!

All I can say is anybody who tries to support Failipinos and Pinoy pridists is one miserable clown!  What I've mentioned is just a few!