Will President Nobita's Banning of Shades and Caps in Mall Decrease Crime?

Obviously a pea brain is a pea brain.  Nothing can be further than the truth that President Nobita is not using his head with the new city ordinance that disallows caps and shades in malls.  To be honest, it's UTTERLY stupid!  And why is that?  Here's some examples I'd like to cite:

Some chemotherapy patients (especially women) may not like to wear wigs or turbans, caps may be the quickest thing to put on their heads after they have become bald from treatment.  Other reasons a person may wear a cap indoors might be suffering from some scalp disease, dandruff or just had a tumor removed inside the head.  If I ever had any of these problems, I would really wear a cap to avoid freaking out any person passing by.

Another is the problem that requires shades.  Having eye diseases like sore eyes and the like, jaundiced eyes, a black eye and other related disfigurements near the eye would render a person insecure.  Why force a person to walk around with those disfigurements visible?  Disfigurements can ruin self-confidence so it's better to give the person the option to cover it.

Also one thing must be known.  Not all criminals wear shades and caps.  President Nobita isn't even thinking when he made that policy.  Some of them may enter the mall with neither shades or caps.  Some of them may just be wearing regular clothes.  Why not check the guns instead?  Obviously, the President isn't using his brain and it doesn't take a genius to figure out the policy is screwed up!