Does Philippine President Nobita Even Know the Meaning of The Word Accountability?

I'll just hide all the mistakes of my administration under the tatami mat...- President Nobita

It's been some time since President Nobita became the president of the Philippines last June 30, 2010 and this year, it's 2014 a total of 4 years of the Nobita Presidency and what was going on?  There's nothing more than his lack of accountability.  Accountability is defined as taking responsibility for one's actions.  Does President Nobita EVEN have that?  I don't think so which can be seen even early on in his regime!  It's really stupid why the Filipino people ahem Failipino people still consider President Nobita to be a great man, a political savior and all.  To be honest, I even regret supporting this nincompoop of a president much more that I even voted for him.  Some Nobita supporters even voted for him all because of his late father Ninoy and late mother Cory.  It was a sympathy vote.  I would say I even am part of the blame because I helped vote for this idiot into power in the first place!

Anybody who thinks this is a small incident better think again!

The first sign of a lack of accountability of the Nobita Administration was during the Manila Hostage Crisis last August 22, 2010.  As President, he COULD have intervened but he chose to be idle.  Nobody should take any murder lightly even if it was just a few people.  Even the murder of one person is already a tragedy.  Rather than intervene, he probably was just playing his PSP and to make matters worse, the Pinoy National Patola did a very lousy job handling the situation.  His choosing not to intervene already showed he does not know the meaning of the word accountability.

Instead of apologizing properly, he was laughing while apologizing?  Nothing irritates an offended person or group than an obviously false or insincere apology.  That is what President Nobita did which caused a strain between Hong Kong and Philippines relations.  My relatives in Hong Kong were so offended by him, they really did agree to call him as a president who lacks accountability.  At this point, the also jail-worthy (if not even death penalty worthy) Sherap for once had a brain.  When President Nobita refused to apologize, Sherap did apologize to China for the shortcomings of the Pinoy National Patola.

President Nobita's favorite scapegoat until term is over...

The next sign of his lack of accountability is almost what is present in every administration- blaming the previous terms for the mistakes of the current term.  As said, there is the statement of just sticking to the truth.  While I certainly would hate to admit it that voting for Gloria was certainly better than having the late FPJ for president, but I would also admit that she was also a devious monster.  I mean remember the fertilizer scam and the ZTE broadband scam?  While I would say it's certainly right to arrest Gloria but she's NOT the only one worth arresting?  Where are the others anyway?  It seems President Nobita only wants to use Gloria as his effective scapegoat for his problems.

The scapegoat is somebody who takes the blame.  While Gloria Abobo definitely deserves what she's getting BUT all that President Nobita does is blame her rather than charge her only on her faults.  So all he does is blame her for everything that goes wrong in his administration.  Again, that can only be summed up to his refusal to be accountable for his actions.  MRT budget not there?  Blame Gloria!  Some economic problems?  Again blame Gloria and the list can go all, apparently it's his favorite habit to keep blaming Gloria for everything he does!

How President Nobita may view accountability...

For President Nobita, maybe he views accountability as equivalent as shooting himself in the head with a loaded gun.  After all, it's easier to take a scapegoat and throw all the blame right?  I just remembered how I frequently throw the blame on my high school enemies whenever I made a mistake no matter how preposterous it is.  It takes guts to accept one is wrong and takes more cowardice to throw in a scapegoat for one's problems.  But for President Nobita, apparently he is the type who willingly throws away the word accountability out of his dictionary to further defend and serve his own personal incompetence.

Please stop with your crocodile tears already Mr. President, we had enough!

One may also think that is tears during the SONA were not tears of sympathy for the nation but rather, tears of his refusal to be accountable for his actions.  Like a spoiled brat who refuses to be accountable for his actions, President Nobita may be crying because some people are already demanding for him to be accountable for the mistakes of his administration.  There's no perfect administration, we all make mistakes... that's why it's very important to be accountable for one's actions.  Sadly, President Nobita purposely does not know the meaning of the word accountability.

Well the only second term President Nobita should get for 2016 is in jail... where he should be accountable for his actions like the DAP and PDAF.