Five Reasons Why Failipino Pride Will Not Help the Philippines!

If there's anything any enlightened Pinoy or Filipino knows is that the value of Pinoy Pride will NEVER help the Philippines.  Pinoy pride or maybe better called FLIPFAG/Failipino pride is one of the biggest reasons why the Philippines can become the Failipines.  Let us take a look at the values of Failipino pride:

The most horrible OPM ever... No Direction!!!!

1.) Failipino pride teaches you to accept everything Pinoy whether it's be a quality Filipino product or a Failipino product or service.  For them, it's their frequent use of colonial mentality and victim card.  I still couldn't forget that whole sore loser mentality when the Congress sought to remove the rights of Filipinos to bring DVDs and other media from abroad (talk about KILLING fair trade).  By now, I guess they want that law restored because of the One Direction ticket line incident or the fact that Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno followed by Legend's End stormed the movie houses.  No one ever cried like those teenagers in the One Direction ticket line for an OPM artist.  For them, you must accept everything Pinoy even if it's bad for the sake of "nationalism" and "Pinoy pride".  For one, continuously buying a defective product whether local or imported, will encourage mediocrity on the part of the manufacturer.  Like it made me think that an enlightened Pinoy would only support whatever is of good quality, not whatever is Pinoy made or whatever made.  And why is it that Failipino entertainment is in decline in terms of quality?  It's because for decades Failipinos KEEP SUPPORTING SUCH GARBAGE!

And this toad of an idiot wants to improve the economy? WTF!

2.) The Failipino's ethnocentric view is bad for the economy and international relations.  The so-called "Pinoy first' policy is always a cause of trouble.  FLIPFAGs want a "Philippines for Pinoy only" country as if the Philippines was not named after a foreign king!  And two, many of the things FLIPFAGs enjoy is a result of foreign intervention like pancit, bread, TV, radio, CDs, etc. are all foreign influence and even the kulintang, bolos, spears, etc. are NOT purely Pinoy.  The Failipino thinks just because he or she is born Pinoy, it makes him/her the best then comes the "victim card" mentality.  The whole 60/40 restriction while saying it protects local businesses from foreign businesses but restricting competition promotes incompetence (while their double-standard, Pinoys must get 100% everywhere around the world).  By creating an environment that's anti-foreign (and yes, those annoying leftists HAVE TO GO!), the Philippines creates an economy that forces its citizens to abroad.  Besides, don't even think for a second Pinoys looking for work abroad means they are taking over the world.  The worker on OFW means that the Pinoy is subjected to his or her foreign employer.

3.) Failipino pride teaches you to play the victim card mentality whenever something goes wrong, and it teaches Pinoys to shrug off criticism.  The Failipino ego is only bloated, it only wants to be praised, it does not accept correction because of its wrong view of happiness.  These Failipinos deem it unnationalistic and anti-Pinoy whenever the enlightened Pinoy points out what is wrong with the society.  The intellectual Pinoy may be forever doomed to the state of being like Pilosopong Tasyo unless he or she leaves the country.  The Aguirre mentality is causing enlightened Pinoys to leave the Philippines, hence causing a serious brain drain.  Worse then these intellectual Pinoys hit big abroad, these Failipinos then leech on them.  You might as well consider why Imperial Manila is frequently flooded, traffic is uncontrollable (and it is NOT a sign of growing economy, President Nobita), crime is very high... all because these issues are never addressed.  And what's worse is that some people even take selfies and photos in scenes were crimes had just recently happened, is proof of how they ignore the problem altogether.

4.) Failipino pride like it or not, encourages crab mentality against every kind of enlightened Filipino.  Failipinos hate to see the enlightened Filipino succeed and everybody else succeed.  Example as I've just mentioned, they hate competition, they blame foreigners all the time, they always have their blame game.  Crabs in a bucket will always drag each other down which results to them being dinner.  When one crab tries to escape, the rest drags that crab down.  The Failipino is always the type to get jealous of the enlightened Pinoy who succeeds.  They have their wrong spirit of fellowship to mock the enlightened Pinoy who seeks to improve the nation.  They hate the enlightened Pinoy who performs better than they do because it does not define their low standards, it goes above their low standards.  Ironically, they applaud the enlightened Pinoy and ride on his/her success then gloat how Pinoys are the greatest never mind how often the ridiculed him or her a lot... then comes the attitude of being fair-weathered... that is no longer being friends when the glory subsides.

5.) Failipino pride teaches Failipinos to be proud of their wrong values and vices, saying that such actions make it worth it to live in the Philippines even if such actions are leaving the Philippines in limbo in some areas.  To say these values must stay even if the Philippines must remain dirt poor is utterly moronic.  These values like standing by one's fellow Pinoys even when he or she has done something terribly wrong which can be seen with how Migraine International works to seek amnesty for Pinoys who don't deserve it, making heroes out of executed Pinoy criminals, being always late for work thus decreasing efficiency and effectiveness, not following rules, throwing garbage anywhere, peeing and pooing anywhere you want (now vomit if you want)... and so on.  It's utterly foolish to do such acts in the name of nationalism.  If Failipinos really love their country, they should seek to improve it, not drive it into utter madness!