FLIPFAG Entertainers Should Stop Blaming Foreigners and Misusing the Term "Colonial Mentality" For Their Failures!

As a reader of Get Real Philippines, I remembered this article by Chino Fernandez from Chinocracy about colonial mentality being a scapegoat.  Now I was thinking how some Pinoys who aren't FLIFPAGs but may just have their issues of making entertainment a need rather than a want, here's what I can really observe:

This was one LOOOOOONG line... and maybe longer than One Direction's ticket line =P

Just thinking of the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno's VERY LOOOOOOOONG line during the premiere... and I just thought aside from the One Direction ticket line (none has ever done that kind of idiocy for any OPM huh), the RK event was not spared from such a line either!  I guess some people were already sleeping at the doors of SM Mandaluyong a night before the arrival of Takeru Sato.  Surprised?  Not really.  And I guess those butthurt FLIPFAGs are going to blame FOREIGNERS AGAIN because they NEVER get such a line and they blame colonial mentality.

For some well-to-do Pinoys, they may end up getting lumped with colonial mentality minded Pinoys when it comes to this one area... if a foreign film, series or song is MUCH BETTER than the garbage Failipino entertainment has to offer.  I mean, I couldn't help but want to strangle Krisis Aquino when she bragged about her son Bimby's move supposedly being higher than the Spiderman film (BIG LIE).  For the enlightened Pinoy, they reject Pinoy Pride and would avail of anything according to quality- a fresh mango over a rotten apple, nice imported stuff over bad local stuff and the vice versa is also very true indeed that they would buy a fresh mango over a rotten apple and nice local stuff over bad imported stuff.

How to piss of Zaidorks?  Watch Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and EVERYTHING ELSE better than this GARBAGE!  Even Kalish's seasons of Power Rangers (which I dislike) or the Super Hero Taisen films by Shoji "Patrick Star" Yonemura, are better!

For the FLIPFAG, all they would want to do is continue to salute the SAAAAAAME garbage all over again.  You might want to read this entry on 10 things wrong with mainstream Philippine cinema.  For the FLIFPAG, if it's foreign, it's bad and if you like foreign, you are not being patriotic and that you must enjoy EVERYTHING Pinoy whether it'd be good or bad.  For a Pinoy to criticize such garbage, he or she is already deemed unpatriotic and unsupportive of his/her countrymen NEVER MIND the Philippines is plagued with crab mentality, or that, the values of crab mentality and standing by KKK (kapatid, kamag-anak, kabayan or in English sibling, friend and countryman) no matter what (even if they are wrong, always covering up and pleading innocence towards guilty people) then kicks in afterwards... what a contradiction!

And my thoughts... I guess those butthurt FLIPFAG entertainers support the likes of Bobo Muna (read satirical news of Toady Casino trying to stop Rurouni Kenshin's screening here), Akbobo, Migraine International and EVERY LAST FLIPFAG group... and wish for more protectionism (read similar article here).  Besides, FLIPFAGs are never known for their humility either!


  1. Hypocritically, these same FLIPFAGS are guilty of the "colonial mentality" they're blaming on others 'cuz they are just using the same stuff, much less poor ripoffs, foreigners use in their shows... :P

    1. Not to mention, protesting against supposed imperialism while using imported stuff.


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