Life Lesson: Internet Trolls are Better Left ALONE!

One of the worst things that can happen in the world of technology are Internet trolls.  Progress can bring betterment but it can also bring things for the worse.  Terrorists yesterday used spears and swords, terrorists today use rifles and handguns is an example of that kind of situation.  Internet trolls are no different and they are one of the worst things to handle in the Internet.

In the world today, you do have trolls and they are on social media.  They pretend to be interested people, some appear to be nice while others are obviously obnoxious (ex. posting their best troll face possible or using a picture of Peter Griffin).  Their behavior is one that is unpredictable, cruel, have an offensive sense of humor, arrogant, give destructive form of criticism, ridicule the mistakes of others for the sake of fun than pointing out mistakes to help a person, feeling like they know everything, have a wrong sense of maturity and deep inside, are insecure idiots.  Heck, some trolls may not even have a high school diploma because they got kicked out for foul offenses.  Others quit school because of learning disabilities but these guys are different.  Not every dropout is an achiever.

At first, I thought I could win with an argument with a troll but i was wrong.  There is a statement "Don't argue with a stupid person or you become as stupid as he is."  After some weeks or some time answering trolls in various social media, I realized one thing is certain, I became a stupid as they are. For one, they are to show how immature they are.  And what I realized was that, why not just BLOCK THEM on social media or delete their comments in a website you own.  Certainly trolls are hyper-offensive but they are also hyper-sensitive. They are people who love to get attention.  If attention is what feeds the troll, then I realize don't give it to them.  Once starved off from attention, you'll realize they will soon move to select new targets because they choose every person who is vulnerable as ever!

As said, sorry trolls I am not going to even spend time updating on you.  GET A LIFE!