Me and My Teenage Fling: A Story of Romantic Tension!

I seldom end up going back to thoughts of my teenage fling, how it happened and why it happened.  I simply find myself thinking about her every now and then, to which how we ended up in what I'd call a series of confusion and conflict.  When I first met her, we were but tense towards each other like Batman and Poison Ivy minus the fights.  But it was a rather tense relationship especially when puberty struck big time and we were both, really starting to fall for each other but I had other interests.

Superficiality struck during that time.  I thought to myself she is pretty, she is sexy, she's got really smooth skin... she's really gorgeous.  Beneath her hot visage, she was also a flirt as she initiated our flirtations.  It all started on the -ber months which she soon decided to break some rules.  She soon started to pursue me, flirt with me and everything was really should I give in or not?  It was a hard to resist temptation... she was hot and available... I was brokenhearted (or so I thought) and I would admit, even being near her burns my senses.

December came, she started tempting me even more with provocative questions, which left me in flames, my mind shattered... and I wanted it but I know I shouldn't.  I would admit I wanted her strange present but I knew it was forbidden.  February came and we both tried to hide our feelings.  It was February 14 and then, my birthday came three days later.  I would admit I wanted to have her but part of me, rejected her.  The passion burnt and it felt like no other, because I was really fascinated by her, even if I knew the dangers that were there.  For February, the conversations we had were on us.  I mean, I remembered how moments alone with me and her were subjected to green jokes.  Which of course, one of the most teasing conversations we had was simply about her, me and just me and her... which kind of started a shipping that wasn't meant to last.

The passion died a bit when she got held back, I moved forward to the point I wished I would be held back, to be with her but found myself in love with another girl younger than me who she picked on, out of jealousy.  Then came my courtship with my ex-girlfriend who after our break-up, tried to set me and her as a couple... but everything started to die down especially some half-Swiss hottie showed up into my life.  And of course, I would believe that I wish that none of the events happened.  Good thing it never became a one night stand!