President Nobita Should STOP Blaming Gloria Abobo For His Administration's Mistakes!

"It's all Gloria's fault!  You've got to believe me!"- President Nobita

President Nobita is just like cartoon Nobita- crazy, loser, whiny... and he complains about how hard it is to be the president of the Philippines.  One thing is certain, he is already taking the blame game so far with his, "It's Gloria's fault."  He was sworn in office last 2010 and all he does for every mistake like the MRT, again it's Gloria's fault!

One of the worst things to happen in Philippine politics is always the blame game and turning around the tables.  Just think... one president usually blames the previous every time something goes wrong. Gloria blames Sherap and Nobita blames Gloria.  If the late Cory also blamed the late Ferdinand Macoy for her blunders, maybe that's where Nobita gets it or not.

So for President Nobita, it's Gloria's fault... even the MRT huh?  And for one, the MRT was well-taken care of for a rather corrupt president in Gloria.  According to this Our Knowledge Asia, Gloria Abobo for a corrupt politician, raised up the GDP of the country (read here).  Gloria Abobo in spite of her flaws like the fertilizer scam and ZTE Broadband, also brought in the GDP to go up at the same time.  And President Nobita is taking credit for work he did not do.  WTF?!

All he wants is to look good... moonwalking at the Hacienda Loserita

For President Nobita, blaming Gloria is all about his self image even if the blunders are obvious.  For one, one may remember how the peso strengthened against the dollar during the Abobo Presidency after the Sherap Presidency.  What he should be thinking about is HOW he can use the achievements of Gloria to further help the Philippines, stop treating them like hexes and do his job properly!

Now only if the Philippine government was serious about corruption... this will happen!

And seriously, he wants another term as president?!  The best term he is going to serve SHOULD BE JAIL TERM!!!!!


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