The Failipino/FLIPFAG's Four Ways of Viewing Constructive Criticism

My favorite poster boy for what's wrong with the Failipino's attitude towards criticism...

For some reason, I still can't let go of the Atty. Viraliano Aguirre incident and why many clueless people made him a hero, when all he did was do Mr. Bean antics in the Senate.  Senator Miriam Santiago though it was wrong for her to nag them, it was certainly appropriate to point out what was wrong with their job.  After all, I love to point out that even if I am not a lawyer, you just DO NOT take down eight articles down to five articles down to three in a very important process such as an impeachment trial.  Rather than listen, others are laughing and Aguirre showed contempt of court that deserved such admonition.

I would admit that the Get Real Philippines Facebook Group is another area where such people exist.  It makes me wonder why they EVEN joined the group in the first place.  Like one FLIPFAG even threatened to punch me if he sees me (HUH?!) because I pointed out why it's hard for enlightened Filipinos to accept most of what the Philippines has to offer.  He's also a good picture of what's wrong with the society... which I think he was a seaman, why doesn't he become a bangka driver
instead if he's so proud of his Pinoy pride?

Just for a state, criticism can be defined as, "The activity of making careful judgments of good and bad qualities."  In short, criticism is a full assessment of anything.  It's like when I say that certainly, there was an interesting concept but the execution was just terrible, and how it can be helped.  An insult on the other hand is defined as, "To speak in disrespect or scornful abuse."

And now let's tackle these areas of how the Failipino hates constructive criticism:

1.) Failipinos/FLIFPAGs will automatically equate constructive criticism with hatred and insults.  Remember the Claire Danes incident?  They banned her because she pointed out what was wrong with Imperial Manila.  Such an attitude had led to long-term problems in Imperial Manila such as heavy pollution, heavy flooding, heavy traffics, delayed processes, etc. because they will not listen to what's wrong with their society.  For them, every critic (good or bad) is an enemy (Nostalgia Critic might as well not visit the Philippines) to their Pinoy Pride.  With how Aguirre described Miriam as, "Her heart is full of hatred for the prosecutors." one can see how the Failipino views constructive criticism.  After all don't they love incompetence/ignorance for all generations?

2.) Failipinos/FLIPFAGs refuse to discern discipline from dictatorship.  A good superior criticizes every performance as professionally as possible.  While he or she may not yell at subordinates but he or she looks at the assessment as it should be.  One of the problems with FLIPFAG/Failipino workers is that they hate discipline.  They love to do acts of indecency in public, for them it's part of their "patriotism" to Pinoy culture.

3.) Failipinos/FLIPFAGs view any form of valid criticism to what's wrong with a Failipino/FLIPFAG made stuff as "treason".  Just as I said, like that FLIPFAG seaman who might as well be a bangka driver instead... he got mad because I pointed out something wrong with the country.  For the FLIPFAG Nazi, you have to patronize EVERYTHING PINOY even if it's already garbage.  For example, FLIPFAG Nazis will say if you watch foreign stuff, you are a traitor to your country and a colonial mentality guy.  They don't even discern the difference between colonial mentality and liking imported stuff.  If colonial mentality is bad then so is ethnocentric behavior and xenophobia! What is funny also is that after a day of protesting against America, I end up seeing them eat at places like KFC and McDonald's instead of those dirty Pinoy carenderias.

4.) Failipinos/FLIPFAGs view the critic as a jealous person than a concerned person.  The FLIPFAG views himself as the most superior race in the world like every other racist.  If Muricans can be hypersensitive to criticism, the Failipino is too.  I even remembered how a FLIPFAG even said, "Well Claire Danes is just jealous of how great Imperial Manila is!"  Even one time, I remembered the criticism against Zaido had some stupid FLIPFAGs say that the Japanese are just jealous, even bragging Zaido will go international (and it DID NOT).  Their hyper-bloated ego can make them think that any criticism against them is proof of jealousy from the other party.

Looking at these four examples above (and yes, there will be more)... one can see why the FLIPFAGs are NOT helping the Philippines progress.  In fact, how can you improve if you don't receive correction from others?  It just reminded me why a certain someone got fired by the Board of Directors because of her disrespectful attitude towards them.

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