The Hypocrisy of Failipino Rallyists

The Failipino is known for his Pinoy Pride, which is a value that every enlightened Pinoy or Filipino rejects.  For the enlightened Pinoy, being humble is an important trait and pride comes before the fall.  The higher the pride, the higher the fall.  I remembered how often it is that people get absent during their classes to join USELESS rallies.  Rallies against what?  These rallies were against foreigners coming to invest, foreigners holding meetings in the Philippines, America coming to help the Philippines as if they want to make their country a hermetic one.  But you can see they are just self-contradictory individuals.

Now I was starting to think about the hypocrisy of Failipino rallyists.  Here are just some that I can name:

1.) The most obvious are the anti-foreign rallies.  Many times do I see them protest against America (or insert country) all the while they live in modern-designed houses, have TV sets at home, use electricity, wear clothes that are either imported (and even locally produced clothes are a result of foreign influence) then at the end of the whole day rallying... they are caught eating in American-influenced or American fastfood because of hunger.  They should protest wearing ethnic outfits and eat at the FLIPFAG carenderias instead!

2.) They are always rallying for the release and pardon of GUILTY Pinoys abroad, who shame every decent Pinoy which results to the latter becoming an unfair victim of prejudice.  They say stuff like Singapore is non-humanitarian for executing the obviously guilty Flor Contemplacion, never mind after three years she was proven guilty and later accused China of being such because they executed the three GUILTY drug mules Ramon Credo, Elizabeth Batain and Sally Villanueva.  The rally for "justice" when what they are asking for is not justice.  But when a foreigner is guilty in Philippine soil, they all demand him or her to be punished.  Just where is the give and take?!  Migraine International is a one-sided, double-standard organization!

3.) They keep rallying against the government but wait WHOSE FAULT IS IT THAT THE ALIENS AND PREDATORS OF POLITICS ARE IN POWER IN THE FIRST PLACE?!  Whether or not President Nobita won by Hocus-PCOS may not be true but one thing was certain, majority of the Pinoys voted for President Nobita BECAUSE he was the son of the late Ninoy and the late Cory... in short he is just a FREE RIDER!  They keep voting for people then they protest when things don't go their way or the way they should.  Besides, who voted for Sherap and President Nobita?  THE PEOPLE!  You see, the hypocrisy is... vote for them in power then complain about them!

My only conclusion is this... you cannot deny how hypocritical these rallyists are.  Either they are just there for their own convenience which is true.  You may also want to remember that the Failipino culture also endorses Kulang Sa Pansin or lacking attention, which is an irritation not only towards decent Pinoys and non-Pinoy Filipinos but to a lot of people everywhere.  All I can say is, to students who keep attending rallies... JUST ATTEND YOUR CLASSES FOR A BETTER FUTURE!  These rallyists aren't helping the country and they have no clear stand either.