Failipinos Purposely Ignore the Meaning of the Word "Serious"

This is one event I have considered to be really disrespectful. Here's a Failipino who gives every decent Pinoy a bad name.  Why is that?  This is a wake... you should pay respect to both the body of the deceased AND the family of the deceased.  And what is this FLIPFAG doing?  Taking a selfie when it is UTTERLY inappropriate, worse it's even near the body of the deceased and people are mourning.  As said it's even inappropriate to laugh during a wake considering the deceased have a LOT of emotional baggage that can only be unloaded through tears.  This picture and the guy is a microcosm of the real thought that Failipinos purposely ignore the meaning of the word serious.

Based on observation, enlightened Pinoys reject the idea of being in an eternal state of bliss.  For the Failipinos, they don't want to make sacrifices, everything must just be "happy happy" and they have the obsession with just being happy.  What is often ignored that in life, there will always come trials and afflictions, this is not a perfect world.  The idea of wanting to be in an eternal state of bliss has led to many issues that cause them to do things that are inappropriate.  It's no wonder why that lechon has become the national food of the Philippines... after all it is served during feasts.  And what Failipinos also love is extravagant feasting.

What can be observed among Failipinos that sets them apart from enlightened Pinoys is this.  Enlighened Pinoys are willing to make sacrifices... become maids, become factory workers, become laborers, etc. because they value work.  On the other hand, the Failipino do not value anything whenever it intervenes with being fun.  Valuing work means waking up and making sacrifices.  So what happens next?  Such people choose to become parasites because for them, fun is all that matters.  One may have a lazy husband whose wife is forced to work at a grueling shift and what does he do?  Waste the money!  When both husband and wife are lazy, what happens?  They may be supported by an OFW who is willing to support their shenanigans.  Failipino culture is unfair as it rewards the lazy and punishes the diligent.

One must realize that the Failipino has a very offensive sense of humor.  Not learning how to be serious is indeed a mark of offensive sense of humor.  It can happen a lot aside from that picture of the man at the wake, it can happen in the workplace.  Instead of taking the job seriously, they just treat it like a game.  By not knowing the word serious, Failipinos continue to give negative stereotypes to all Pinoys, harming every decent Pinoy in the process.  What decent Pinoys must do is to continue the fight against Failipino culture as much as possible.