When Will FLIPFAGs Realize the MRT is DOING POORLY?!

The ToQGers Do agree... FIX THE MRT Mr. PABAYA!
I have read from GMA Network News that based on Hong Kong's MTR assessment on audit of the MRT is that the findings are really unsatisfactory.  Am I surprised?  Not really.  Imperial Manila is one city that is known for its high levels of arrogance and takes pride in its value that drags every good Pinoy down.

Every decent Pinoy has been trying to point out the problem and they are ignored.  Now the problem is assessed at an international scale... and the report is from Hong Kong a highly developed country.  It's a problem in the Philippines to treat every enlightened Pinoy as a problem and not a solution for a better Philippines.  For Failipinos, every decent Pinoy is an enemy to them... and that every decent Filipino in general cannot walk together with the threat called the Failipino.

The details below are taken from here (Source: GMA Network News):

The MTR Hong Kong's Asset Condition and Capability Assessment Report also warned that the train service's "performance will further deteriorate in coming years if reliability improvement works and practice maintenance works are not implemented."

The unsatisfactory rating was given even without the audit having taken account of major glitches and the derailment last August 13.

Also, MTR Hong Kong's findings were made without the five-year failure and maintenance records from the MRT-3 maintenance contractor, Autre Porte Technique Global Inc. (APT Global), and Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC).

The records were unavailable, according to APT Global, as they had expected a systems audit, not a maintenance audit.

DOTC Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya, meanwhile, was not surprised with the audit results. "Tinanong ko 'yung rail experts (Translation: I asked the rail experts), they were not surprised. Their findings were also seen in the Systra audit," explained Abaya. 

Likewise, MRT Holdings also expected an unfavorable audit report.,“Unsatisfactory finding, lahat naman tayo alam naman natin na masasabi nila 'yun eh (Translation: all of us know what they can tell) from what has been happening over the past few years," said MRT Holdings spokesperson Atty. David Narvasa said.

Currenly, the DOTC is attempting to replace the MRT's maintenance provider.

But Of the five companies that had shown interest in the contract, all failed to submit the documents on the deadline.

The potential bidders complained that the penalty for glitches was too high for a well-worn train system. — Trisha Macas/DVM, GMA News

So what's the real problem?  Let me enumerate them below which also stems from a perverted view of nationalism:

1.) Failipino services have no desire to improve.  For them constructive criticism equals insult.  Knowing that this one was from Hong Kong, remember the textbook incident?  A lot of Failipinos were quick to hurl "RACIST" at Hong Kong for calling them a nation of servants.  The problem can be even greater with their dismissing the source because of the Hong Kong textbook incident.

2.) The habit of procrastination is indeed more fun in the Philippines.  As said, ENOUGH of that tagline already, it's been used and abused TOO MANY TIMES.  I mean think of how the earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda incidents were handled... very untimely!  And now, the MRT derailment happened last August 13, WHY DID THEY NOT TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY?!

3.) A lack if timeliness.  Failure to submit documents on deadline is another.  This is the trait Failipinos are known for...not prioritizing the time until it's too late.  Indeed being late is more fun in the Philippines isn't it?

4.) Asking higher pay for poor service.  I mean take a look, high penalties for a well-worn train system?  WTF!  To be honest, you are asking high pay for trashy service?  That is indeed the Failipino culture of rewarding the lazy and punishing the diligent.  For the Failipino system, they do not value work so it's only normal that whether you work or not, you still get paid the same so why should they care about work right?

All I can say to Failipinos is... if you want to keep your false sense of nationalism and patriotism, your Pinoy pride high... KEEP RIDING THE MRT NO MATTER HOW BUSTED IT WILL BE.  Every enlightened Pinoy may soon take over forms of transportation than the stupid MRT... they'd rather ride the Den-Liner or ToQ-Liner than the MRT out of practicality.  In totality, enlightened Pinoys should continue to challenge everything wrong with Failipino culture.