A Look At The Inside of Lolo Kigoy's Boneless Lechon...

Here's another unique boneless lechon treat.  While I have written about Cebu's lechon, now here's another one.  Lolo Kigoy's Boneless Lechon in Cebu which hopefully will soon open in the malls too or hopefully, become a nationwide franchise.  For a bit of history, the name of the establishment was named after Koki Escalona's father Kigoy.  I got the history from here.

Here's the front view of Lolo Kigoy's boneless lechon.  At first, it looks like another boneless.  But take note not all lechon are created equal.

 Looking at the sides, you can see it's infused with spices.  Now it's time to get a chop and see what's on the inside!

Yummy... so that's the secret behind Lolo Kigoy's boneless lechon.  It's infused with some spices and some secret herbs and spices.  Well if there's really that secret method which will always be secret, that's what contributed to its really delicious taste.

Eventually, it's time to chop chop chop to serve serve serve Lolo Kigoy's boneless lechon.