Eating Some Delicious Marang AKA Johey Oak!

During my trip to Surigao Del Norte, here's one delicious fruit called Marang in Filipino and it's English name is Johey Oak.  

While it may look like durian but there is a different smell.  When we were bringing it along the land trip, I always felt like some people were complaining about the smell.  Some of them preferred durian while I preferred marang.  I always found durian's smell to be "unbearable".  Like durian, marang was not to be brought in the elevator to where I was staying because it might emit a smell that might be unbearable for the guests. 

The husk itself is very soft when ripe requires extreme caution or risk breaking it along the way.  When you open it, you will see several different seeds attached to the core, each seed is wrapped in its delicious meat.  The taste itself is like a combination of guyabano (soursop) and jackfruit (langka).  You eat it by simply getting its meat then spitting out the seed like you would eat a star apple (atis).  So far so good, it's a very delicious fruit for me.