Satirical News: Migraine International Honors Rolando Mendoza As A Hero!

Migraine International after the failed release of the Plor Kontemplasyon Story in 3D have decided to launch a film in honor of Rolando Mendoza.  Just today during the death anniversary of the controversial cop, Gary Martinez of Migraine International spoke about making the Rolando Mendoza movie which he plans to nominate during the Imperial Manila Film Festival.  A press conference was held at Rizal Park, Manila where they held an afternoon to celebrate Pinoy Pride.

Members of Migraine International namely Russell Contemplacion (who is still working to get her surviving twin brothers Joel and Jun Jun out of jail) held a day to honor Rolando Mendoza as a a hero.  A statuette of Rolando Mendoza as tall as he was got unveiled made of indigenous materials to honor him as a hero for the nation.  Only Filipino food was served by Migraine to celebrate Pinoy Pride while effigies of Filipino-Chinese like Nobita Aquino, Manny Pangilinan, Edward Cu, Lucio Tan, Henry Sy and John Gokongwei were set on fire because they allegedly (according to Migraine) want to sell the Philippines to Spratlys.

Gary Martinez spoke in Tagalog saying, "We are here to declare Rolando Mendoza as a hero.  We have enough of those Chinese who keep stealing what rightfully belong to the Philippines.  First a Chinese state like Singapore kills our beloved Flor Contemplacion then later China kills Elizabeth Batain, Ramon Credo and Sally Villanueva.  Good thing that explosion in Tianjin happened.  To fight China, we Migraine International will create this film in honor of Rolando Mendoza!"

Migraine International had hired VIVA Films which back in 1995, created The Plor Kontemplasyon Story.  The one who will play as Rolando Mendoza is none other than Joseph Bitangcol and the older Rolando Mendoza will be played by Julio Diaz.  Martinez then spoke in Tagalog again, "You chinky-eyed Chinese better be careful.  This film will show you how great we Filipinos are.  Go ahead and try to crush us, we have Rolando Mendoza as our inspiration.  The whole event ended with the singing of Nora Aunor's "Kahit Konting Awa".  However it was later seen that the members of Migraine International were later seen eating at a local dimsum for dinner when the event ended.