Satirical News: Ed Boon Announces Kombat Pack 2: Philippine Edition For Mortal Kombat X

After the announcement that Mortal Kombat XL will be released and Kombat Pack 2 is available for those who previously bought the older version of the game, Ed Boon announced Kombat Pack 2. The first Kombat Pack will be integrated into Mortal Kombat XL: Philippine Edition. Now for details (or sneak peek) of what is available in Mortal Kombat XL: Philippine Edition and Kombat Pack 2: Philippine Edition.

Filipino players of Mortal Kombat X will get a chance to fight against non-playable factions in the Faction War and Invasion Bosses will be involved more than ever. The non-playable factions will be known as Liberal Party, Anak Pawis, Akbobo, Bobo Muna, Gagabriela and Migraine International. New Non-Playable characters who players can either perform a Brutality or Fatality on are added with Toady Casino, Antonio Tinio, Etta Rosales, Gary Martinez, Loka Maza, Stupid Ocampo, Jericho Petilla, Neri Colmenares and Joseph Pabaya as part of the sneak preview.

Ed Boon explains, "In the Non-Playable Faction Wars, these groups will try to invade the realms to influence their stupidity. An example would be how Commission of Human Rights tries to fight the Elder Gods to abolish the law of karma. These Non-Playable Factions happen online as part of the Faction Wars where Filipino players of the game may get the satisfaction of beating them up. This will still need Internet connection. Filipino employees in Netherrealm Studios have worked hard to create this new Faction War experience."

As the release of Mortal Kombat XL: Philippine Edition draws near, Etta Rosales views her videos of her getting mutilated in the game. She commented, "We will not be silenced. The game should be banned for teaching vigilantism against us. It is an attack on Pinoy Pride." However the images of her being performed various fatalities on had gone viral on Youtube. Many people hoped that she would really get gored up in real life.

Stay tuned for further development.