Satirical News: Mar Roxas Attempts To Do Chinese Kung Fu!

As the Liberal Party was losing alternatives in getting Mar Roxas to the approval rating, President Nobita Aquino decided to let his presidential candidate do martial arts as Chinese New Year approaches. During that time, Roxas was last seen in a Chinese martial arts dojo where he wanted to demonstrate his supposed "super skills" to get the attention of the Tsinoy Community for votes.

During the Kung Fu exhibition, President Nobita announced Roxas as an amazing kung fu master. Roxas attempted to do an exhibit with nunchucks. While whirling his nunchucks, he ended up hurting his own head and fainted as a result. As of late, there has been no report to when he will awaken. He is currently unconscious at the Patrick Star Hospital. President Nobita was last seen with Roxas' wife Kornina Sanchez-Roxas awaiting for reports of his physical condition. All the doctors said that he is still in "nganga mode" with his eyes and mouth open in spite of being unconscious. He is still under observation whether or not the nunchuck injury was really serious.

Stay tuned for further details.