Satirical News: Liar Dilemma, Antonio Trollanes IV And Edgar Matobobo May Be Registered For The Olympics!

As the Senate hearing on the alleged extrajudicial killings go, signs of Liar Dilemma, Antonio Trollanes IV and Edgar Matobobo running were shown. President Rodrigo Duterte himself decided that the Philippines may soon get the best representatives. As a solution, he made a proposal to register Dilemma, Trollanes and Matobobo to the olympics.

President Duterte said in Tagalog, "They love to run so we might as well register them to the Olympics. Maybe, just maybe we'll find better use for these clowns. They're wasting our time in the Senate and a lot of taxpayers' money. So instead, I decided to register them for the Olympics so they can at least do something useful."

Stay tuned for further developments.