Electric Shocks To Get Smarter?!

I do find this to be pretty amusing to try to use a certain degree of electric shocks to get better at Math or become smarter. After watching this video, I thought about it that I kind of wanted to do that to myself. I remembered this episode from Bioman.

Doctor Man's backstory involved the scientist Hideo Kageyama (his true identity) to actually get his computing capabilities have become better and more accurate than the computer. He administered electric shocks through his brain and after reaching Level 10 he became very old quite early. It's highly possible that the risk behind this electric shock therapy to supposedly get smarter may also have dangers towards the human body. Administering a shock to speed up the learning process may actually ruin the telomerase in the DNA. Trying to become smarter through artificial means may lead to premature aging. 

What kind of still freaks me out that around 8-9 years old, I actually wanted to accelerate my brain to the point of becoming the world's greatest genius. Sometimes, I feel Doctor Man's backstory may serve as a warning not to take shortcuts in the learning process. I guess I'm glad that I didn't have access to such equipment back then or I might have been warped like Doctor Man.