Henshin Cuties I Tend To Reject For Shallow And Pitiful Reasons

Just because I'm not a fan of Power Rangers doesn't mean I won't say anything positive about it. Just because I'm a fan of Super Sentai doesn't mean I won't say anything negative about it. So without much ado, I could present the henshin hotties that I tend to reject for shallow reasons. I find them cute but I tend to reject them for shallow and pitiful reasons.

Rishiya Princess Mei/Pteraranger

No matter how much I think Zyuranger was better written than Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, I still can't pick Mei over Kimberly. I agree with what some critics say that Mei's actually more determined and that's true. Kimberly hasn't done stunts as good as Mei does nor has she faced Scorpina one-on-one. Kimberly's still good in her own way though. When I'm asked to why I like Kimberly better than Mei? My shallowest reason is because Kimberly's hotter when I could have a better reason like Amy Jo Johnson's a better actress than Reiko Chiba... though most Power Rangers acting is just so-so and some land to several levels of low.

Tori Hanson/Blue Ninja Storm Ranger

While I tend to like hot blondes or brunettes better than East Asian beauties but Tori isn't in that category. Sally Martin's just passable and I never found her all that attractive in Ninja Storm. I tend to bash her a lot all because I find Nanami more attractive than her. Tori in her surfer outfit? Not appealing! Nanami in every outfit in Hurricanger? Now that's going to put Tori out of the light for sure.


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