My High School Fling Once Tried To Make Me Forget About My So-Called First Crush!

If there's one thing that I tend to look back and cringe, it's just my experience with how my high school fling who looks like Sayaka Akimoto tried to make me forget about my so-called first crush when we were teenagers. I still had my tears which couldn't stop pouring thinking about how my former best friend supposedly "stole" my so-called first crush. All the while, I harbored feelings for another girl who wasn't also there. I tried to forget about my so-called first crush through various means including going after my ex-girlfriend who looks like Mika Katsumura.

The situation was a game of Batman and Poison Ivy in some way. She asked provocative questions to actually asking me to marry her. That year when I tried to forget my so-called first crush was the hardest. She offered some "help" even through her poisonous kiss. She's pretty, she's sexy but she lacked what I somewhat liked in my so-called first crush. My so-called first crush is a pretty smart girl while the Sayaka Akimoto lookalike is an airheaded flirt. Why I even accused my so-called first crush of "betraying" me (and later I found it it NEVER happened) was just so wrong. But I decided to ride on her for awhile anyway out of the desire to get even.

I admit, part of me wanted my high school fling all the while I was also longing for another girl (but denying it). I thought I was in love with my so-called first crush but all the while I longed for my real first crush who has a certain resemblance to Rin Takanashi who I never opened up to many out of denial. I only talked about how much I felt betrayed by so-called first crush while a few others knew of my real first crush. The situation just brought me another dilemma that I never addressed.

Yup, when I thought about my high school fling vs. my real first crush. After me and my ex-girlfriend split up but remained friends after it was over, I still couldn't forget how she actually tried to ship me with my real first crush then some girls came along. At the same time, I still longed for my real first crush while thinking that I was longing for my so-called first crush. But I just started to drift away from my high school fling because it was merely acting upon teenage impulses.

In the end, it was just a passing phase.