My Stupid Reasons To Skip Ninja Steel Altogether?

I really find Ninninger awful. Maybe the whole Dino Charge is based on Kyoryuger thing makes me also dismiss the former with the latter. But I've got some stupid reasons to skip Ninja Steel and be prepared to be boggled.

One, it's my disappointment that Kayla Coffland freaking didn't make it to the audition. Okay, what if she's not really meant for it or she's just not qualified. Things like that happen and I need to understand that. She's a lot prettier than the new pink ranger. This is one stupid reason to skip Ninja Steel. I wish she would become the new pink... but maybe it's a good thing she didn't. 

I did watch Ninninger from start to end and I do find Yuuka Yano pretty. Looking at the pictures between her and well the new pink ranger a second time, the choice is clear. It's Yuuka who's the cuter one between the two of them. But again, that doesn't make Ninninger a better show all because of Yuuka Yano. In my preference between East Asian girls and white girls it really depends on several factors. Like as much as I'd pick most Super Sentai girls over Power Rangers girls but I still pick Kimberly over Mei. 

If I'm going to name any intelligent reason it's this. Power Rangers from Disney to Neo-Saban has been stuck in the dork age. Nickelodeon isn't the same network I used to like back in my high school to college days. Spongebob's gotten for the worse and so do a lot of shows. I could still like the old Nickelodeon days and like the old shows but right now, I just don't have much of the stomach for the newer Nickelodeon shows.