Satirical News: Justice Secretary Aguirre Comments On Filipo D. Hippo's Promotion

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. commented on the issue with Filipo D. Hippo's grudge against him. He said, "I did not accept the case against him and Philippine Airlines on purpose because the reason for suing the company was invalid. If it were labor abuse laws I would have entertained it. But he was left from his flight because he was late. It was his fault therefore I refused to be his lawyer. Only a stupid lawyer would accept such a stupid case. During the Corona trial, I only covered my ears based on frustration but note that anybody would do that if they woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day."

Justice Secretary Aguirre was last seen compiling the evidence against Leila Dilemma. He also mentioned, "I'm afraid that the Commission on Human Rights is better called as the Commission on Human Impunity. Its new deputy chairman Hippo was simply promoted without any credential based on the padrino system. My client Getulio Napenas' case together with the SAF-44 is more important than the petty squabbles. If there's anything we could charge against Hippo then we are sure to charge him as well together with the whole CHR for defending impunity in the Philippines."

Meanwhile at the Commission on Human Rights main office, Hippo replied back saying, "What's wrong with being late? One hour is not a lot of time. Mr. Aguirre, we are in the Philippines and you fail to defend your fellow Filipino. We will make sure you lose your case and Dilemma wins hers. Just watch out."

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