The Underused Trope Of Handsome Guy X Unattractive Woman

When I think about some attractive girls I know who have unattractive (but not really that ugly) mothers, I thought about why's the trope may or may not work itself out in fiction but it's reality. We've got handsome guys with unattractive girls. And I always think of some people who are born out of that kind of relationship.

It reminds me of two pretty girls who have both handsome dads and unattractive mothers. I guess father's genes are usually that strong to think how the dad's handsome DNA converts into beautiful DNA for their daughters. One person I know who looks like Amy Jo Johnson and another who looks like Rin Takanashi both have handsome dads and highly unattractive mothers. I don't find it all too surprising that happens because somebody's genes tend to be more dominant. So it's not really too much of a question if an unattractive woman gives birth to a beautiful daughter because of the handsome guy or if the reverse happens. It's all about genetics.

So why's the trope so underused? I think Beauty and the Beast is too overrated. I don't think anybody would care about a gender flip between the two characters. I wonder why people are too enamored with Belle's ability to love ugly but groom material Beast but not so many think too highly if a handsome prince marries an unattractive commoner lady who's bride material out of true love?

What are your thoughts?