Some Cartoon Scenes That I Enjoyed As A Child For Really Weird Reasons...

I probably sound crazy but here are some cartoon clips I enjoyed for some reason...

Galvatron kills Starscream

I wanted to see Starscream die every time I watched the original Transformers cartoon. Starscream was about to declare himself the ruler but Megatron returned as Galvatron. Galvatron did killed Starscream with a concentrated blast causing the latter to die. IMO, it's the best scene in the Transformers movie and I've waited for ages to see Starscream die. Pretty much, I really love replaying this scene over and over again for the satisfaction of seeing him die. 

Arthur punching D.W.

I know this will make some people scream but I honestly loved this scene. D.W. in Hey Arthur always made me angry. I may some cruel but I really wanted her to die one way or another when I was watching it. As a child I thought making Arthur punch D.W. gave me satisfaction for awhile though he did deserve to get grounded for hitting a four year old. But part of me wishes that he didn't get grounded and wanted to call his parents as stupid for siding with D.W. Still, D.W. tends to do a lot of bad stuff I wish she'd just go away forever but that's a cruel wish isn't it? When I remember this I can just understand another reason why Bandora freaking hates children.

Every time Serpentor would backlash at Cobra Commander

It just reminds me of my guilty pleasure of scapegoating anyone for my failures even if it's clearly my fault. As a child, Serpentor became my favorite Cobra leader even if he's well more useless than Cobra Commander. From the start where Serpentor takes over to the point Cobra Commander becomes the effective scapegoat for the former's faults I thought it was enjoyable. Best moment? When Serpentor managed to win against Cobra Commander in an argument at the opening of a movie. Oh, should I mention I just loved it every time Serpentor hurt his predecessor every time he lost his temper? 

Just every scene where Vegeta gets even who made his life miserable

Perhaps my most satisfying moments was to see Vegeta actually get even with people who belittled him from Cui, Dodoria and Zarbon. Oh should I mention about killing Guldo and Jeice? As much as Goku's the better guy but Vegeta's my favorite in Dragon Ball Z for this reason. Oh, I also enjoy it every time Vegeta berates Goku's carefree nature in contrast to the former's ill-tempered nature.