Satirical News: Antonio Trollanes IV Challenges Manny Pacquiao To A Boxing Match In SM Mandaluyong

Senator Antonio Trollanes IV continues to make headlines. After he was voted out of the majority floor at the Senate, Senator Trollanes couldn't accept that he was going to become the assistant energy secretary decided to challenge Senator Pacquiao to a one on one fight in the boxing ring. The fight between the two senators was decided that it will be held in SM Mandaluyong.

"I am certain I will defeat Pacquiao." said Senator Trillanes.

It was revealed that Senator Trillanes' coach will be former DILG Secretary Marbobo Roxas. Marbobo was last known to attempt Chinese kung fu and was admitted at Patrick Star Hospital in Mandaluyong. Before that Marbobo also attempted to become Boy Kamen Rider but failed miserably. Marbobo will serve as Senator Trillanes' coach. Senator Trillanes was last seen practicing a group of jabs with Marbobo as his coach.

Whether or not the match will push through still remains to be seen. Stay tuned for further developments.