I'm Probably Interested To Date With Another Cute Nerd

It's come to my mind that I might actually be in interested to date with a cute nerd but it's not the first time. Right now, I think I'm in love with another cute nerd. I thought about searching for the "inner Belle" and some of them aren't obviously nerdy. Some of them are brilliant beauties but lack the glasses. Maybe they're wearing contact lenses instead of eyeglases. One who was an average beauty wore her glasses with pride. The smart pretty ladies of good character may have felt contact lenses were better for them.

Am I only wanting because my so-called first crush already got married? Am I just looking for a psychological replacement? It's been my tendency to fall for nerdy girls all in the name of trying to fill that void. It's becoming sort of an issue that I tend to be stuck in the past and seek to fill those gaps that don't even need to be filled. I thought I was in love with my so-called first crush but I actually had another first crush.

But right now I wonder if I really want her for a healthy relationship or am I just thinking of her as a substitute to somebody in the past?