Satirical News: More Details Of Loida Nicolas-Lewis' Latest Agenda To Make Kris Aquino As Philippines' President For 2022 Leaked

The arrest of Filipo D. Hippo, Kasindak Puslit and other Commission of Human Right employees in Hippo's house in Tondo revealed more secret information. What was funny to know wast that certain Pisonet desktops, Hippo's desktop and may more contained dangerous information that could lead to possibly charging Loida Nicolas-Lewis with treason. Not only are there deed of sales between the Liberal Party and Mrs. Lewis but also the plans to make sure that the Lewises and the Nicolases will hold the Philippines by 2022.

The details of the political destabilization plot by Mrs. Lewis calle "Kris Aquino For President 2022" now reveal the secret details. After she mentioned that Kris Aquino should be president by 2022 there are other plans that could put the Philippines under her care as well as her selected family and relatives:

First, we must impeach President Rodrigo R. Duterte and make Leni Loud Robredo as the transitional president. Stop the COMELEC from doing a manual recount to ensure Leni Loud will get the job done. Leni Loud will sit until 2022 but will not run for president even if the 1987 Constitution will allow her.

It is very important we get new senators and congressmen for the Liberal Party. By 2019, our new bet for Senators are Kris Aquino, Cynthia Patay, Korina Sanchez-Roxas and Agot Isidro. More senatorial candidates will come soon but they will do for now. Kris' term as a Senator from 2019 to 2022 will be sufficient to train her to become the head of State.

By 2022, the anti-political dynasty law will be ineffective for the Aquinos. This will be to make Kris Aquino run as president and Bum Aquino as vice president. This in turn will put the Philippines' contractual signing that will allow the Lewises and the Nicolases together with their allies to decide what is best for the Filipinos.

In order to achieve this, all PCOS machines will be rigged to make sure that the result will be Kris Aquino. A new system that will give a receipt that says you have voted for a certain candidate will pop out but in reality the votes are all for Kris, Bum and members of the Liberal Party. 

Stay tuned for further developments.