Satirical News: Toei Ltd. Announces New Tokusatsu Spin-Off Series Called "Gohan Heishi"

Toei yet announces they will have a new  Tokusatsu series called "Gohan Heishi" which means "Rice Soldier" in English. The main character of this Failed Hero series (a name Toei came for their spin-off series of failed heroes in contrast to their usual superhero storylines) is called Akeko Teramoto. The story goes that Akeko got arrested for attempting to overthrow the Japanese parliament prior to the deposed prime minister in a failed coup. While in prison, a meteorite fell down and he accidentally ate rice coupled with the meteorite hence granting him the power to become "Gohan Heishi".

The main character will be played by Yoshihiro Fukoda. Fukoda was previously known to have played as Minoru Uesegi in Gekisou Sentai Carranger and as Joben Abunami in Shippaiman. In his quest to overthrow the Japanese parliament would include his allies Masato Rokuda (played by Osamu Sakuta who previously played Shippaiman), deposed by a vote of no confidence former prime minister Nobita Arataki (Masayuki Suzuki), Bishop Saburo Besho (Hirohisa Nakata), Deputy Prime Minister Rumi Rokkaku (acted by Kaya Hirasawa) and American-Japanese widowed billionaire Roida Lewis (acted by Atsuko Takahata). In this story, Mrs. Lewis is in the United States but speaks like she owns Japan. She demands that the incumbent prime minister resigns so Rumi can become the new prime minister of Japan.

The incumbent Prime Minister Ryoichi Douichi will be played by Hiroshi Miyauchi. Other cast members for Gohan Heisei will include Junichi Haruta as Justice Secretary Bishamon Akita and Strong Kongo will play as Japanese police chief Ryozo Deguchi. They are seeking to make Japan a better place while Gohan Heishi is trying to make Japan as dysfunctional as it was during Arataki's term as prime minister.

Other details also reveal that Gohan Heishi's opening song "Go Fight Rice Soldier" will be sung by Hinorobu Kageyama of Dragon Ball Z fame. The closing song "Never Rest Rice Soldier" will be sung by Ichiro Mizuki. The producer is Shinichiro Shirakura while the head writer is Gen Urobuchi.