Satirical News: Antonio Trillanes IV To File Case Against BBC Interviewer Stephen Sackur

It is no secret that Antonio Trillanes IV made a fool out of himself on BBC. His interview with Stephen Sackur did not go well which resulted to a heated debate. The outcome was not so pretty as it resulted to Trillanes threatening to sue Sackur after the interview.

"I was humiliated on international television. I believe that Sackur himself has been biased and stupid in all the questions he asked me. Has he been to the Philippines to investigate? I dare him to do so." said Trillanes during an interview with Crappler's Pia Granada.

It was confirmed that Trillanes went to meet with UN Shabuteur Agnes Callamard who vowed to help him with his case. Along with him are Loida Nicolas-Lewis and Dr. Carl Hart who promised to help him bring down Sackur. Leni Loud Robredo also spoke that she is now doing a fundraising called "Piso Para Kay Trillanes". 

UN Shabuteur Callamard spoke in a slurry voice saying, "Antonio Trillanes IV's human rights have been violated. We must file a case between him and Stephen Sackur as a criminal offense. It's a crime against his human rights. We will file the case at the International Criminal Court to help defend Filipino democracy. Cheato Gascon will try and be his lawyer for this case."

When asked about Trillanes' side, Sackur replied, "Let him sue me. I have my evidence. He made a fool out of himself. He should face the music. Next, I want to interview Leni Loud Robredo to see what she has to say. If they want to sue me let them sue me."

Whether or not Leni Loud will answer to Sackur's invitation for an interview still remains to be seen.


  1. No match, reality and experience are stronger than what you simply read on paper, Mister Sackur.


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