Satirical News: Marbobo Roxas Files Electoral Protest Against President Rodrigo R. Duterte

Marbobo Roxas now makes headlines yet again. It is official that Marbobo just filed a protest against President Rodrigo R. Duterte. He went to Andres D. Bautista and decided to file an electoral protest where he claimed that he was cheated last 2016. He decided to have an interview with Karen Davila of ABiaS-CBN where he claimed to have evidence that he won last 2016.

In the interview, Davila questioned why is it just now that Marbobo filed for electoral protest now that it's only 2017. He said, "I decided to file a protest right now. I had to wait for the right time. I had no evidence last year that I was cheated until the Matae terrorist attack in Marawi. Now I have evidence from Agnes Callamard, Cheato Gascon and Etta Rosales that Duterte himself coerced my voters to vote for him instead of me. That alone can be considered electoral fraud."

The motion to file for electoral protest against President Duterte was filed around yesterday. It was last seen that groups of rallyists are now raising a banner called, "Mar Roxas is the true president of the Philippines. Resign Duterte." The students were led by U.P. student regent Raoul Manuel of the University of the Philippines. Among those who joined the rally are Leni Loud Robredo, Kris Aquino, Korina Sanchez-Roxas, Cynthia Patay, Agot Isidro, Jim Parada, Etta Rosales, Cheato Gascon, Bum Aquino, Francis Pangilinan, Risa Hontivirus, Franklin Drilon and Antonio Trillanes IV.

UN Shabuteur Dinuktor Agnes Callamard soon released a statement saying, "The evidence of violence in Mindanao is proof of electoral fraud. It's evidence that the Matae terrorists were not influenced by shabu but by Duterte to force voters to vote for him. The extrajudicial killings done by Duterte are to silence that the true winner is in fact... Marbobo Roxas."

How the electoral protest will go still remains to be seen. Stay tuned for further developments.