Satirical News: Marbobo Roxas Said Philippines Is Better Off With Him Than President Duterte

Filipinos now celebrate one year of President Rodrigo R. Duterte's term. The celebration was not so met by the Dilawans especially by the frustrated presidential couple wannabe namely Marbobo Roxas and his loving wife Korina Sanchez-Roxas. An interview was conducted by Pia Granada-Robles of Crappler and Raissa Espinosa-Robles.

"If I won the 2016 elections then the Philippines would be a golden age by now. The Daang Matuwid plan would have achieved more than what Duterte did in one year. I would say that under my economic program of continuing 60/40 we would achieve national industrialization through the Yellow Program. The 1987 Constitution is the best constitution ever. Right now, I believe we have defeated Singapore and Taiwan in terms of economy. The Philippines would have become the rising tiger of Asia if I were president. That's why I'm holding an electoral protest against fake president Rodrigo R. Duterte. The machines were sabotaged by the Duterte camp to make him win. The Bongbong camp also did the same but failed. Justice only prevailed in half because Leni Loud Robredo won but not me." were the words that caused in ire to Marbobo over the Internet.

Marbobo also specified in the lengthy interview that President Duterte's trips cost the most and that there are no pledges for investments. He also mentioned that Leni Loud Robredo's trips were to bring in investment funds. He mentioned that if he were president that maybe, Leni Loud would have done better as a vice president. He also mentioned that Leila Dilemma will not be jail and that real justice will prevail if she were not in jail. He also said that if a billionaire like Loida Nicolas Lewis would endorse him then he certainly is the most qualified to be president.

The interview was uploaded on Raissa's Youtube account and the Rappler Youtube account but it gained so much anger from other Filipino netizens. The result was that a lot of people ended up attacking her account. It gained a million dislikes in just one hour. A lot of angry comments caused Raissa to lose her patience together with her friends like Granada-Robles and Crappler's CEO Maria Ressa. The end result became a heated conversation especially when Jim Paredes started attacking commentators telling them to "Go ahead, deny your conscience, you know Mar is the real president."

Stay tuned for further details.