Satirical News: Marbobo Roxas Says That Matae Crisis In Marawi Would Have Never Happened If He Were President

In an interview with Leah Navarro of ABiaS-CBN News, Marbobo Roxas decided to make headlines. He decided to blame President Rodrigo R. Duterte. During an interview with Navarro he said the following which made headlines:

There is no one but to blame to Duterte I mean Dutae. If he didn't start saying he would be strict with military control then the Matae terrorists would have not attacked Marawi. He dared them didn't he? If I were president, it would have never happened. I'm so angry why Filipinos didn't vote for me. If I were president, the Matae Crisis in Marawi would have never happened. I would have stopped them before they could launch an attack. They would be too afraid to attack if I were the President.

Folks, Dutae is the cause behind the Matae terrorist attack. He dared them to attack so he could declare martial law. Declaring martial law is an act of dictatorship. You must continue to protest and demand for Dutae's impeachment. I am afraid not so many people regarded Loida Nicolas-Lewis. MOTHERF*CKER! Don't you know how hard the Liberal Party fought for democracy in your country? How could you vote for a dictator like Dutae. I would never declare martial law because the Matae Crisis in Marawi would never happen if I were president.

It's also revealed that Marbobo is now filing for a new electoral protest as part of his plan to protect peace in Mindanao. He also claimed that President Rodrigo R. Duterte cheated from him his rightful position. He said the following which earned his ire on the Internet:

You mean Duterte? He cheated on me! I should have been president! He had someone at COMELEC hack the machine making my votes and approval ratings go down. Bongbong's cheating on Leni did not work but it cost me my victory. I hereby file an impeachment to protect peace in Mindanao. Only the 1987 Constitution can fix the mistakes of his country. Duterte este Dutae is ruining the golden age that the EDSA Revolution brought. My son graduated in Harvard proving I'm a good father and my wife is a responsible journalist. My wife is a staunch opponent of fake news and only she and her comrades know the real news.

The situation has caused ire towards Marbobo. He was soon attacked on social media leading him to a blocking spree. People pointed out to him how the comics "Sa Gitna Ng Unos" was full of fraudulent detail and stupidity. People from Tacloban who survived Yolanda demanded that he should be executed just like Zheng Xiaoyu during the Chinese melamine scandal last 2008. Marbobo was last seen hiding under his bed crying like a baby.