Satirical News: Agnes Callamard Says LTO Should Return Maria Isabel Lopez's License

Controversial UN Shabuteur Agnes Callamard has made headlines yet again even after Spokesperson Harry Roque threw a hollow block at her statements. Now she decided to intervene on behalf of former beauty queen Maria Isabel Lopez after her license has been suspended for what she did during #ASEAN2017.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, she said, "It's amazing how the Duterte presidency is falling into a tyranny. First, they continue the drug war which is ineffective. I have plenty of evidence that shabu doesn't harm the brain and neither do expired relief goods do any effect on your health. Now more empirical data proves that what Maria Isabel Lopez did was not a traffic violation nor would it have caused chaos. LTO should return her license right away or be charged by the International Criminal Court."

The statement was further backed up by Akbobo Representative Tom Villarin and CHR Chairperson Chito Gascon. Rep. Villarin said, "The palace right now is trembling at Callamard because she knows the truth and that truth will set Filipinos free from Duterte's iron hand dictatorship." Earlier, Gascon also called LTO a human rights violator and was viciously lashed at by Atty. Persida Rueda V. Acosta for it.

It is said that Gascon has planned to invite Callamard yet again to intervene on behalf of Maria Isabel. Plans for Callamard's state visit are underway. Gascon said, "We do not need the approval of Duterte for Callamard's visit. We need people like her to defend oppressed people like Maria Isabel."

Stay tuned for further developments.