Satirical News: Chito Gascon Says Land Transportation Office Violated Maria Isabel Lopez's Human Rights

Maria Isabel Lopez had her license suspended as decision by the Land Transportation Office in relation to her #ASEAN2017 incident. This did not reach too well with the Commission on Human Rights. Chito Gascon made air again and angered many Filipino netizens.

"I am afraid that this is a great act of misjudgment. She was just expressing her right to live in a democracy and she was proud of fighting this dictatorship. By moving the divider cones she is opposing the dictatorship that is Duterte. Why should there be a divided lane? That's a sign of oppression and she's doing her best to fight it. By doing so, she has become a political prisoner when the LTO under Duterte confiscated her license and made her pay a fine. She was just expressing herself and she just wants to have fun." said Gascon in an interview done by Pia Ranada-Robles of Crappler.

The news did not stop there. Others who came to defend Maria Isabel aside from her daughter Mara Lopez Yokohama included Agot Isidro, Kris Aquino, Leila Dilemma, Cynthia Patay, Korina Sanchez and Etta Rosales. "Maria Isabel was executing her right as a pedestrian. Those divider cones are objects of repression. We belong to a democracy. We must protest outside the LTO to return her license and money back." said Rosales during an interview with Pia of Crappler. Dilemma also said from jail saying, "This is proof that the Philippine democracy is dying! Give Lopez her license back!" as they all backed up Gascon.

Before CHR could do any investigation, they were met by an angry Atty. Persida Rueda V. Acosta of the Public Attorney's Office. Atty. Acosta said, "Why is it that CHR's Gascon is only noisy when it involves people like Lopez? Does he know that CHR means Commission on Human Rights. Maria Isabel Lopez is a human rights violator. She violated the human right to a safe road travel and she violated the human rights of the delegates. It's only fair therefore her human rights to a license should be revoked. After all, every right has a duty so shut up Gascon!". Atty. Acosta added she is expecting a heated confrontation and that PAO may consider filing for Gascon's termination.

Stay tuned for future developments.