Satirical News: Agnes Callamard To Aid Maria Isabel Lopez In Suing The Land Transportation Office At The International Criminal Court

After the controversial moment where Maria Isabel Lopez's license was confiscated by the Land Transportation Office, Agnes Callamard makes headlines yet again. This time, she announces that she and Maria Isabel Lopez will go to the International Criminal Court to sue the LTO for confiscating her license.

"As I said earlier, the confiscation of Maria Isabel's license is an act of violation of democracy. What she did was not a dangerous act. She was fighting for the freedom of the Filipino people from President Duterte when she moved those cones used to divide the lane for ASEAN delegates and the civilians. She had every right to brag of how much of a freedom lover she is. Unless the LTO will give her license back - me and her will go to the International Criminal Court to sue the people in charge." said Callamard in another interview at CNN Philippines.

Maria Isabel's daughter Mara Lopez Yokohama thanked Callamard for her assistance. Mara said that she will be willing to testify her mom's actions are not a danger to public safety. She has received a traffic rule manual from Callamard that also says jaywalking and illegal crossing are not dangerous.

Stay tuned for further details.