Satirical News: Former President Nobita Aquino Blames Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo For Boracay's Deterioration

As news of President Duterte's decision to temporarily close Boracay Island for six months (and possibly longer) starting April 26 was announced a few days ago - Nobita Aquino decided to resurface in the public scenario. As an article from Manila Times written by Rigoberto Tiglao supposedly pin-pointed him, he simply declined.

"It's not my fault that Boracay is now a cesspool. If you should blame anyone - you know who to blame. It's Gloria! She allowed so much of a mess in Boracay it was impossible to clean up. She even had secret agents who were in charge of Boracay who allowed many illegal activities. It's her fault." said former president Nobita in his latest statement on Twitter.

He was followed by his supporters such as Jim Paredes, Cynthia Patay, Igat Isidro, Leah Navarro and Francis Bayaran IV who re-Tweeted his statement. This was in hopes that this will build awareness to how it was not Nobita's fault that Boracay deteriorated.

This only caused Arroyo to reply, "What? Is it my fault again?"

Angry netizens soon Tweeted back at former president Nobita one offensive reply after the other. He ended up blocking up to one million people in one way.

Reports also say that both former president Nobita and former DILG Secretary Marbobo Roxas may soon be investigated for their irresponsible handling of Boracay.

Stay tuned for further details!