That One Time I Just Wanted My Jean Grey To Be Happy?

There are times I tend to think about that one woman I had so much of a feeling for and she never answered it. I thought about that one time in my life where I was practically Wolverine while I thought of her as Jean Grey -- I liked her so much but soon enough, she got married to another man. But I thought of it that it's that moment that like Wolverine -- I just want my Jean Grey to be happy. 

She was just a psychological need. She had certain qualities of my frustrated high school crush -- except she was a little more attractive. She wasn't all that pretty but she was definitely what I'd call my Jean Grey. I soon developed a bizarre attraction that was NEVER going to work. It wasn't meant to work. I wanted to do so but I thought it wasn't going to work.

I realized that if I really loved her then I should learn to let go. I thought about it that I should just let her be with the man that she loves. If I love her and she can't love me back then the best thing to do is to let her go, right?