Using More VS. Less Images In Having Images In One's Posts

More is less and less is more? It seems to be the new issue with doing posts. I remembered reading through the now defunct Orends Range using Blogspot where he did some rather interesting episode reviews of retro Super Sentai -- sadly most of them didn't reach the last episode for Bioman and Maskman. He did a good job with Zyuranger. The other blog I'm trying to get inspiration from is Sentai Bandicoot where his Gingaman posts are well -- minimalist in some way.

So how do I want to do my episode reviews and updates? I thought about doing a mix of both whenever I feel like it. there's also the problem of having too many pictures -- it kills the loading time. Having a few pictures can be helpful and it can add flavor. It's all about trying to achieve some balance in doing them, right?

IMHO, I thought that the Lupin vs. Pat ones can do one image per paragraph. On the other hand, updates related to Kamen Rider Build or the latest K-Drama can do with less images. Then again, I may soon apply a minimalist image approach to my later Lupin vs. Pat reviews since taking screenshots is no walk in the park either.


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