Many Of My Old Shames Will Be Gone Soon?

I was thinking about it that I tend to be putting too much value on myself (which is why I blow up whenever I'm told about something wrong that I do or just did). Just compare it to the scene where Galvatron (post movie) ended up believing that he was invincible when he isn't. I decided that some old shames are better off gone for a reason. There's no reason for me to be proud of my bad work especially if they were a result of self-indulgence and lack of badly needed self-control!

But there's other reasons why I'm really thinking of getting rid of my old shames aside from valid criticism towards it (such as that I love to play extreme favoritism and not being honest to myself about my dislikes) -- there's also the present to take care of. In fact, why should I even bother writing about something too much when I really didn't like something? Why am I allowing myself to be bothered by childish quarrels on the Net and in real life -- thus I end up becoming childish myself? Also, why cling to something that may never repair itself anymore? It's like I'm better off giving up on Marvel not ever since they kept giving too many retcons that have destroyed decades of established quality storyline.

I was also thinking about a couple of childhood stuff that I need to move past from. I no longer like what's going on with Disney and Nickelodeon. Gone are the days when both networks gave me something worth watching. Early 2000s to this decade -- Disney has been disappointing. Teen Nick is no longer worth the watch it used to be. Old time favorites like Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents should have just ended and replaced by newer cartoons. Fairly Oddparents could have ended with the Grow Up Timmy Turner Movie and Spongebob should have just ended with the movie. Sigh... it's really disappointing.

Right now, there's the present to live. I just can't keep clinging to what I used to know and be familiar with. Also, trying to find one's self is not an easy thing. I hope I can be truly sorry for my old shames.