Satirical News: Liberal Party Supporter Professor Oscar Palamuras Endorses Triple Your Money In Three Years Through 4Ps

The arrival of Professor Oscar Palamuras and his wife Mrs. Marilyn Nadedma-Palamarus to launch their book "The Success Story of 4Ps" now created a new event. Professor Palamuras had also been invited to speak in an anti-charter change rally where he mentioned stuff like Philippines should stay unitary because federalism would break the country into 18 governments with 18 constitutions and 18 flags. Now, he promotes his latest scheme called "Triple your money through 4Ps."

In this newest promotion -- Professor Palamuras endorses his latest scheme with a minimum of PHP 3,000.00 investment per family. He calls it as the "Nobody gets left behind scheme." He mentions that the 4Ps project will help the poor and return the money three times to the giver. He says that for every PHP 3,000.00 spent on the 37% of Filipinos below the poverty line - it would generate three times return which means every PHP 3,000.00 will return as PHP 9,000.00 to the investor within a three year time period. He even claims that even if they spend the money on nonsense that it will still return thrice the amount.

He also mentions that 4Ps is not a charity but an investment. He says that how can Filipinos who are in that 37% below the bracket fish if they have no money to buy fishing equipment. To prove his point, he also sold fishing supplies during his 4Ps rally for the poor to buy fishing equipment. He said that 4Ps is also easy to fund via bonds and OFW remittances. He says that Foreign Direct Investors would not arrive unless there is the 4Ps program. He calls it the best investment ever which will beat the stock market. He says the stock market is not as reliable as 4Ps.

However, skeptical economists in the Philippines have slammed him. House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo wants to challenge Professor Palamuras to a one-on-one debate on the efficiency of 4Ps in Ateneo De Manila.

Stay tuned for further details!