Satirical News: Professor Oscar Palamuras Plans To Run For Senator Under The Liberal Party Banner

Oscar Palamuras who wrote his book called "The Success Story of 4Ps" decided to run for senator. His latest agenda is to dismantle any move to shift towards parliamentary and federalism. While staying in Australia -- it's said that he still has his Filipino citizenship intact like Jim Paredes who may run for senator next year. He has now decided to run for senator and claims that he will pass laws to make the Philippines a better country.

"I believe that I must run for senator now. The current Duterte administration is now causing instability. I believe that the country must adhere to the 1987 Constitution even in the year 3018. But it doesn't mean I don't believe in some changes. We can continue passing more economic amendments to ease excessive restrictions and to slowly decentralize. However, shifting to federalism and parliamentary is risky because we have no experience in these systems. We only have hundreds of years experience in unitary and presidential so we must stick by them." he said in an interview with Maria Ressa of CRappler.

He was soon asked some tricky questions which got him into trouble. He was asked if he says the Philippines should not shift to parliamentary and federal then what is he doing in Australia. He said that he did not say that federal and parliamentary are evil -- it is only that the Philippines had no experience in them. Just then a history major ended up raising the fact that the Philippines once had hundreds of years of experience in tribal leadership and Spanish occupation so why not return to them. He was unable to answer and said that there was no constitution until 1987. Then he was asked what about the 1899 Malolos Constitution, the 1935 Constitution and 1973 Constitution if they were still constitutions he said no. He soon received tomatoes thrown at him.

Stay tuned for further developments!