Some R-18 Movies I've Tried Watching As A 90s Child

Who has tried watching some R-rated movies as a child? Well, I decided to think about a few of them that I tried watching and somehow lived to tell the tale. But it wasn't without nightmares. Without much ado, here's the list of these R-rated movies that got my mind warped in some way in no particular order.


Where do I even begin? I remembered there were some of the cool Aliens toy which made me think that the Aliens vs. Predator franchise was for children when they were for ADULTS. Yes, Kenner wanted to tie a toned-down version of the Aliens movie in a never produced children's TV series. So what happened? I remembered watching the Aliens movie and man was it that BLOODY. Yup, I remembered how I had nightmares about Xenomorphs ever since then! Hmmmm strange enough Frieza's third form was somewhat inspired by the Xenomorphs huh?


I remembered watching the first movie but having a vague memory. All I knew was that Robocop was once Alex Murphy -- a human who got seriously mutilated to death and was later restored as a cyborg with only very few organic parts left. He also hides his identity from his wife and son to protect them. I saw the Robocop cartoons first and had no idea how bloody Robocop can get. I mean, remember that scene where Boddicker got impaled by Robocop's data spike or when Dick Jones got shot many times? Hmmm strangely this adult movie inspired Toei to produce two Robocop-based Metal Heroes for younger audiences -- Jiban (who could cloak as his former human identity when not in robot mode) and the more mature Janperson (who was a fully mechanical version of Robocop). But honestly, I'm more open to a Janperson marathon than rewatching the Robocop series.

Fire and Ice

Not ALL animation is for children and this film by Ralph Bakshi is proof of it. I dunno why I even watched it but it was sure a horrible plot. The story takes place in some kind of fictitious stone age era where Nekron plans to take over the world with ice. The Fire Keep is the last place standing. Narm (who's obviously looking like He-Man) gets into a relationship with Teegra. The film is too full of weird plots and it's too convoluted beyond convoluted.

Conan the Barbarian

I remembered having an obsession with Conan the Adventurer. The theme song rocked and I had an obsession with the show. I thought the Conan the Barbarian movie was for children -- never mind that the title alone spoke it wasn't. It had Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan. I thought it was a child's movie and man I was wrong. The beginning alone proved that this movie wasn't for children. No serpent men disappearing into another dimension. Instead, we had real deaths, nudity, human sacrifice, cannibalism and other stuff that makes it an R-18 movie. So I wonder what did Hasbro even think of adapting Conan the Barbarian into Conan the Adventurer for a child audience when said franchise is for adults? Strangely, Conan the Adventurer was highly successful in spite of its de-fanged nature but I wonder did Hasbro get lawsuits when children decided to watch the Conan the Barbarian movie thinking it was a children's movie? 


I thought Snapdragon as plotwise -- it's really one weird film and not very well-received. But I really remembered that misadventure of watching this movie. Sadly, it was Felicity's evil twin and not Felicity who actually survived at the end of it! Poor plot but lots of eye candy if you ask me! Then again no amount of eye candy can fix the fact it's really badly written! The only "good thing" here was Felicity -- all before Pamela Anderson walked her road to physical ruin! Plus, it was that film that kept feeding my desire for a pretty white girl!

Interview with the Vampire

Well, I did remember trying to see this movie uncut and uncensored on cable TV. It was Halloween and I just turned ten -- a time when one nearly transitions to teenage rage, right? I remembered watching this film without any attention. Though there's one scene that could steal the whole movie for some people -- it was the Theatre Des Vampires scene with Laure Marsac's rather short role. It was one short scene but as said it can really steal the show. So never mind the whole Louis finally giving Santiago his just desserts or how controversial relationships are -- that scene with Marsac as the vampire's human sacrifice was probably the "best thing" in the movie.