Satirical News: Leni Loud Robredo Introduces Chili-Based Christmas Decorations

Vice President Leni Loud Robredo has now announced that all the prices of chili have dropped back to normal. As she calls herself as "ever the proud Bicolana" -- she finally introduced a new Christmas decoration where chili is used as a means to help "fight off inflation". She was last seen dressed up in chili outfits to sell the new decoration.

"This is a cheap alternative to your typical Christmas decorations. Since the prices of chili have returned to normal then I would suggest people to start using chili in their decorations." said Leni Loud in an interview at ABS-CBN.

However, the safety of the chili-based decorations were raised. Some members of the DOH have mentioned that these may be hazardous to people with respiratory problems. Others though said it may help ward off pests. There were mixed reactions to Leni Loud's chili-based decorations.

Stay tuned for further developments!