Remembering Ice Climber For The NES

Well I didn't realize that 32 years ago that the Ice Climber game came out. So I haven't been updated with Nintendo games as in forever (and I don't even find myself missing Super Mario World as much as I used to) but I'd like to do some remembering of some games that I used to play. Yup, aside from the super annoying Spelunker game -- I thought about how I played this game back then on the Family Computer wondering how it'd end.

The game sounds simple but it can be frustratingly hard. How? I remembered how clunky old school gaming can be. I remembered how I ended up screaming PAIN and FOUL when I played Megaman 2 the first time on the Megaman Anniversary Collection. The objective was to climb up the tower and avoid some enemies, icicles and not to mention jumping through FAST MOVING PLATFORMS. So I never got to finish the game especially when the Playstation came and I just dropped a lot of 8-bit games except those that have aged well.

So how did it end? It turned out that like many NES games -- this one never had a real ending! You climb up and up in the last level and what do you get? You simply try to get the highest score. If you fail to ride the bird at the top then you have no bonus. Wait? That's it? That's the only reward you'll get? Then I end up thinking that Ice Climber will eventually one of those games that won't be remembered anymore -- maybe except for its evolved, more innovated versions later on in the digital age.