A Funny Odd Couple I'd Imagine

There are many odd-looking couples and they don't have to be always ugly and pretty -- you can still have two good-looking people from different races or maybe add a height gap of nearly or at least a foot. I thought about my characterization of Andrew Gray dates a 5'1 lady played by Maaya Uchida. The names of the characters are Troy Toshiba Philips and Asuka Kang.

Troy is an obvious eccentric, fan of Asian and American stuff and being bi-racial gets him into too many places at once. The history of the DVD as a Japanese invention had Philips a German company involved in its creation -- hence my character's middle name is Toshiba and his surname is Philips. His love interest Asuka was born in Japan but has no Japanese ancestry. Her Chinese-American parents were in Japan while her mother was pregnant and ended up having to deliver her there. She is of Mensa genius intellect (and a physicist-chemist) but severely lacks common sense -- a contrast to her love interest Troy's average intelligence but operates with common sense to balance the odds.