A Wolverine-Like Love Life

I just want to relieve some tension today on Valentine's Day on the number of girls that actually formed a complicated love life. Perhaps one reason why Wolverine is one of my favorite X-Men characters if not my favorite (though I do have a Cyclops vs. Mr. Sinister clash with someone) is because of the love life thing going on. So what really happened?

I think about my "so-called first love" who I compared to Rie Aoi though she wasn't my greatest love. I thought about how I soon got too serious with her in my late tens so why it happened is just STUPID. I remembered my former best friend also wanted her but as said -- it was for selfish reasons. I soon deceived myself into believing that I truly loved. I started longing for her though it was more of a desire of marriage for convenience -- she was a good shot even if she wasn't pretty. I said to myself once that I'd always love her no matter how much she looks but the day I saw her again -- that infatuation dropped. Too many beautiful women with good conduct around?

All the while I was actually desiring someone else -- a girl who somewhat resembles Rin Takanashi. Sure, she had a lot of suitors but she's still single probably due to her trying to combat stereotypes or what?! From what I heard -- she did date someone but it broke apart. But I was too afraid to admit she was the girl I wanted to marry back in my youth. Right now, I just feel that romantic feeling there is gone thanks to a change of values.

I soon fell for a snappy and rebellious girl who I always teased. I did it somehow out of misplaced anger because while I wanted her to be mine for her nerdiness -- I was afraid she would do what my so-called first crush never did to me but I thought that she did. I would admit that she was rebellious well because her parents are like Ichijou in Jetman and Miss Trunchball in Matilda. Then she left, heartbroken but only for a mere second then...

Then I could talk about my on/off infatuation with a girl who looks like Sayuri Uchida. I admit, I knew she wasn't really pretty and just average at best. She has a good attitude though and somehow that makes me think she's the most beautiful woman in the world -- even when I see other women who are attractive with a good heart!

Then I think about my former girlfriend who I dated for a short time. There was a long painful courtship behind it but we both decided to end our meaningless relationship. It wasn't meant to be long but I remained friends with her. The obsession just died and I thought about how it wasn't meant to be and we both moved on. Then again, I couldn't stand the fact she thinks like Leni Loud Robredo!

Then I could think about who I might consider as my Poison Ivy and Aphrodite. She's pretty and sexy but watch out man she's crazy. I thought about how our teenage immaturity sparked way too often. I admit, she was starting to make the first move when one of her admirers left the school after the first semester. She would frequently ask provocative questions one way or another. Right now, she's already engaged and getting married which I think is a relief.

Then there comes what I'd call my ultimate denial. She was 5'2 short but really pretty and sexy. I just didn't want to admit that she was the girl I actually wanted to marry and my crush for well -- four years straight or more? I admit, I sort of wanted to get her when we both graduated high school but I was again in denial that I truly liked her. Then she got taken, got married last 2012 and there goes all my feelings down the drain. Admitted it too late that she was my true high school crush!

Then I remembered falling for a pretty woman who was a fighter. Yup, I can't forget how she really could kick anyone's ass. I guess it's because her mom is quite strict with discipline so it's going to be VERY HARD to get her. I did drop her off eventually and didn't get hurt when someone else took her and married her. Glad to know she's married and happy with her husband!

My high school infatuation who I thought was the hottest girl in school when she's not. It was a frustrating courtship between teenagers. Then I was told that I'd just forget about her when I enter the real world. How true! I just got over her too quickly and the other guy who wanted her married someone else. She got married and I didn't keep my promise of chasing her either!

Then I thought about the Lady Deathstrike of my life. She seemed kind but she was in reality a mean bitchy woman who knew how to manipulate and control men. Recently, she's married and I just wonder how her husband is doing being married to an incredibly bitchy woman like her!

A one-time fling with a China girl was something. I thought about it that although she rejected me -- we both remained friends to a certain extent. I haven't been updated on her though I admit she was a tomboy so it's only natural for her to refuse me.

Perhaps the "greatest love" of my life who I called to be my Jean Grey. I was infatuated with her but everything just got topsy turvy. She married a few years ago to some guy from Hong Kong and I just thought about it -- what Wolverine would do for Jean Grey, I'd do it for her. I just wanted her to be happy for her and her family. But I admit, I did piss her off with my obsession towards her when I used her as a psychological need than anything else. Think of Wolverine falling for Jean Grey due to the latter's resemblance to his first love!

Later I'd meet a girl who looks like Pamela Anderson though I admit -- the attraction was purely physical even if she had a lot of inner values to redeem her. I wanted her, tried to deny it and right now I just look at it as a merely passing phase.

Then I think of some cute nerdy girl who's currently a medical student. She's around 5'2 and I wonder what's with me and short girls? I admit, I haven't been seeing her lately and I hope she's not taken yet.


And that's just it! I just can't help but think why I compared myself to Wolverine because of this list!